"Perdigão's alternative evidence of structural productivity" Brazil


Every Chester is sold, Perdigão promises to give him another "family who needs it". Despite the noble cause, the campaign is Commercial advertising to access the common place to access a # 39; representing black people as the "missing family" in a Christmas dinner and, on the other hand, affecting the impact of charity for a white family. According to Silvio Almeida, lawyer, lawyer professor and Luiz Gama Institute leader, which promotes the rights of the black and minority numbers, the piece is Demonstrate racial structures in the Brazilian society, where there is a deep relationship with poverty. Author of the book What's in structural productivity? (Editora Letramento), the Doctorate in Philosophy and the Common Law Theory with USP warns that companies have to put in place sustainable policies so that they do not continue to. including prejudice in their debates and their materials.

Question. What message is sent by Perdigão as an indication when it is; Given a black family as needed and other, white, rich and charitable?

Answer. The imaginary racial inequality is. Indeed, advertising is using this image to use people. Commercial such as Perdigão demonstrates structural productivity on society. It gives expression to a charity's sense of charity; appearing every time we come to poorer people. In 30 seconds, you must give a short message about sympathy that sells your product. So black-black is the fastest image as people who are worthy of pity. It is a deeper view of the blackest in a smaller state that its company has; Noting even the negative effects of his / her representation on his / her flag, including the response of white people who deny these stereotypes.

P. How do structural structural gears work?

R. Structural productivity is made up of the way of life and its own societies. The state's relief is shaped by dignity, where everything has been bought for money. In this context, racism is not something unusual. It is located in the social structure. Racism raises across all areas, from economics to politics. And the centers, both public and private, all the columns of the structure. Therefore, racism does not come from institutes. They are not just preserved. That's why we also talk about basic racism, which is a including the physical environment. The truth is that society has a " believe that a company needs to comply with its ethnic lodge. On the other hand, it can stop racism. In doing this, it would only be a & # 39; value its output, but also established itself with another option for society.

P. How can companies avoid irregular patterns?

R. We accept that our society is unequal and ethnic. Once these behaviors have already been established, a racial company is not only if it is unbelievable. This is also true for individuals and any other location. Since racism is still present in a number of areas, there must be sustained anti-discrimination policies and institutional media that challenge social practices in companies. They do not have to represent the world as it is. They can be developed by offering non-compliant items; offer competitors. This does only happen if they are capable of the way in which they are. establish relationships with the public and their advertising campaigns.

P. Would such a racist reconciliation also involve changes in the real business structure?

R. It is fundamental to remove the command areas, to identify the situations that unique ethnic groups have; develop his immortality. We need to ask: where are the black people in the leadership of the companies, in the High Courts of the Judges, in the management of football clubs? The method is critical thinking, but the state does not offer appropriate situations to discuss these issues.

P. This week, Jeffke's notes, Botofogo, the newspaper The world who, because he was black, was to "kill two lions a day" to influence football. What does this sentence show about the idea of ​​black people on racism?

R. Jefferson's speech is not so surprising to anyone who proposes to stop racism. Any black person who does not give her kill each lion needs a day to day. Exceptions can not be treated as just examples of recovering. It is not alleged that the Negro is a n; taking place on the representation of the rich family. When objecting to a & # 39; This case of poor attendance, they talk about "suffering" or "coitadism", which is not just a racial conversation in which the Negro had to retire .

P. Why do many people, usually white, talk about "human awareness" – a & # 39; argues with the actress Morgan Freeman – to disqualify the Delegation of the Thumbnail?

R. People who submit them to a detailed analysis of decision-making issues will be devolved by people who prove their prejudice based on a significant black figure. I think Morgan Freeman's statement is wrong, but if we see the video calmly, we are understand their speech out of context. It does not mean there is no racism. It is a difficult way to punctuate that, in general, there is no debate about racial awareness in the # 39; month at Concios Dubh. Morgan Freeman is an example of the Black that gives only a winter when he says something appropriate to anyone who does not recognize racism as a social use.

Perdigão appears on a campaign

In a note sent to the report, the BRF's communications company, which is a company that will Perdigão control, which affects the detriment of its & commercial:

"Perdigão is regretted that there is a Christmas advertising campaign on any offenders of our users. It has never been our intention. To talk about reluctance, we have a solidarity and thanks to our customers, All of us, who have worked for Christmas for more than 6 million people, regardless of color, gender, race or belief. That's how we believe . "

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