Peres says that Pituca's refurbishment is not interesting to Santos, but he sees an increase worthy of


Diego Pituca still lives in Santos (Ivan Storti)

President Santos José Carlos Peres said the update on Diego Pituca is not really interesting for the club, but he wants to strengthen a new contract.

Peres said the current tax is R $ 50 million. Businessman Adalberto Almeida promises not only R $ 8 million; there.

"Diego has a contract to 2021. We have increased, but the businessman thought that a new man should do, enter and need, but we have a contract. After everything has been done Setting up with a 10% commission from something that does not make any sense. We already have a contract, we do not agree on a commission. Santos has a fixed and agreed agreement, missing her & # 39 ; install. It is a real value of £ 50 million. Bluffed, bluffed, and it did not last. If it was $ 8 million, the application would has been led, "said the president, on Tuesday.

"Daughter is not interesting, but worthy of construction, Sampaoli is very popular, but the businessman thinks it is underway and done for many years. We do not let it . "

The current contract of the legitimate playground is 2021 and the new agreement will pay the salary, from R $ 40 to around $ 120,000. Coronary and Cruzeiro have been recently sought. In the last few days, Flamengo was offered to the media.

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