Perez: That's why I'm going to; Question Ajax & # 39;


Kenneth Perez brushes critical notes about Ajax after her & # 39; defeated by Heracles Almelo. The analyst's idea is that the Ajax players do not have a speed of activity.

"Ajax was hunting as never before, I saw that against Feyenoord and they have a lot of trouble with that," said Perez FOX SportThen "That's why I'm quizzering a bit of speed, you need to see the solution faster, you can see if the player can go up at an action speed." That was really upset for me. "

"Certainly the players we usually build", "Perez". "They had a lot of time to suit the opponent and also see the solution, which was a bit further afield." The Dane saw that Ajax was continuing to & # 39; rebuilding, where the lines needed to be scattered. The focus was important. "For number 10 that problem is already difficult, for number 1 already."

Kees Kwakman is scared by Ajax in the European League to go to; chat with Real Madrid Wednesday. "They will also add more emphasis on Solari's new training and sometimes they will have one-off cover, and when Ajax attempts to face this against Real, they are killed very much and they have to play a long-time play every time and then. "

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