Pérez thinks that Ocon has been tightly treated after having dropped by Verstappen A-NIS


Sergio Pérez is scheduled on Thursday for his team of Esteban Ocon at Force India. Mexico has thought that France has been very hard after the two-week crash with Max Verstappen at the Grand Prix of Brazil.

"It was a while when I thought Esteban was taking a lot of risk with the clan director," said Perez in Abu Dhabi with Accessibility once again at the time of debate.

"But on the other hand, the same clan director did not give any place, so Esteban could not go anywhere to avoid it."

Verstappen appeared in Brazil in the situation that was ahead of his way to influence, but Ocon was given in the final stage at the beginning / end, and later the two came into contact together either.

Lewis Hamilton got the best out of the situation and won the race. He kept Verstappen, who was in his car with a badly damaged floor, but just behind him.

And he should not be convicted of his reputation & # 39;

The 21-year-old Limburger went out after the race story in Ocon and spent some pockets, which gave him a two-day community service at an international FIA motorsport.

"It's not a good thing, indeed, but I think it should not harm its reputation, so I think many people have been circulated in the weeks past, "said Pérez.

"Esteban is still a good driver, he made a mistake, but he knows he is himself, but at the same time I think Max is also making a mistake, it can stop the event. "

& # 39; A consistent relationship was never really good & # 39;

Pérez's words are tired of that fair, since he and Ocon have been talking together for the past two years; left, with the low level of last year's conference in the Belgian Grand Prix.

"Our friendship was never really good, or at least not what team team best", Pérez is honest.

"We are both professional, but they did not spend a long time together, so it was a bit bad, in the past I had a better relationship with other partners alongside the work. "

The drivers are the final Grand Prix of this weekend weekend in Abu Dhabi. The race at the Yas Marina Concert begins Sunday at 2.10 f. Time of Holland.

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