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Умер певец Евгений Осин

In Moscow, a singer and musician Evgeny Osin died. He is reporting on the television channel "Zvezda" describing the director of Alexander Sidorenko, the Aspen concert.

The musician was 54 years old. The singer is the singer of the singer; "Crying girl in the machine" hit his & her; musician. Lyrics – a little writing Andrei Voznesensky.

The Rostov-on-Don concert was held on 10 June, 1996 in the "voting or missing" campaign framework, in a speech in Aspen on the stage, Russian President Boris Yeltsin and his dance with the musicians. Group of photo dance photographs Alexander AP Group, Zemlianichenko won the Pulitzer prize 1997. Boris Yeltsin was a dance at a Rostov concert in a Lottery speech, June 10, 1996

On the treasure trees that have won prizes in the picture that has not been included.

Умер певец Евгений Осин

Умер певец Евгений Осин


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