Perhaps it's good to be slow with Isaac?


For sure the leadership of national team with Janne Andersson is fiercely believed in Alasdair Isaac.

They wanted to take it to Qatar and the January trip, but Borussia Dortmund didn't let his young person release. Outside, b million in.

Now he got his last loan, which, according to me, was this year late.

But in Willem II, Isak has accelerated the situation, its aim east and is now in a national team debate.

The leadership of the national team, Janne Andersson and Peter Wettergren, has also been down and they visited Isaac and studied their games in Holland. But the 19-year-old will not be in the squad that will be taken out tomorrow, unless there is anything that Blågult has not happened or suffered or suffered long reactions in the days when they left t .

The road to a national team is now open

Instead, everything speaks for Robin Quaison and Sebastian Andersson entering the squad. Quaison feels that the idea is considering how well it is in Mainz while there is Sebastian Andersson from the east side of the Union Berlin. It must be acknowledged that only one ten visits are still very good and I know that the federal captain has a good eye for IFK Norrköping's player.

So Janne Andersson believes that Isak has a little left to the international team and it is probably good to get easy with Isaac. If Erik Hamrén, the federal captain, is absolutely sure that Isak has already taken part. Above all, because more and more voices are generated from the outside, Isak should have a place to live in Blågult. But Janne Andersson's leadership is very different from Hamréns. Janne is not Julus. However, I am absolutely sure that the success of AK's longest running success is in the national Blågult against Malta and Spain team in June.

And even though we all want to see Isak in Blågult as quickly as; yes, it might be sensible to chase it slowly with the exceptional talent.

It is, after all, just 19 years and there would be only seven-eight games in Eredivise in the baggage before the national team pick up in two weeks if Janne was given out. T

But it's in Blågult anyway. The team are now in this place with the national team.

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