permission for pharmacists to be licensed


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Paris (AFP)

Delegates provided dentists with Thursday drugs, under special conditions, for medical orders such as non-bacterial theft such as cystitis or some tonsillitis.

“It is not a question to be given pharmacists a medicine,” said Thomas Mesnier (LREM), a reminder of the Health Bill which is to be considered in the Assembly, a warning. immediately. .

“The aim is to enable them, in a co-ordinated approach by other health professionals, to be able to deliver medicines in line with Health Commission-based protocol, after a period of time. T training and responsibility. "connecting and informing the doctor who is attending it," he said.

“We want to give the French the opportunity to recover over the same level, the same power for everyday mantles such as angina or cystitis, this simple acidic disease which can be cured by a dose of 'antibiotic', the BP said

Communist MP Jean-Paul Lecoq asked that the text be extracted from “double-acting risk”, but not pursued.

“Given the shift between doctors and pharmacists, we are frightened that the treatment of common law is reserved for the best of it, those who live in the right places, and that the released citizens but for unlawful treatment "he denied."

"This change was much discussed in committee and I do not want to be deleted," said the Minister for Health Agnès Buzyn.

"I try to find a consensus between pharmacists and doctors as we have been unable, for a lack of time, to consult on the subject", the minister undertook to have the project active ". T "everyone is comfortable with delivering drugs."

"The actors' health cures are their own" but "it's a question of no medical order," said Jean-Pierre Door (LR). "If we go like this, we don't know where it is stopping," he said.

This arrangement is driven by the Switzerland + Net + Care system, as well as being released to Quebec and Scotland, allowing pharmacists to provide first-aid health products. Some of the more straightforward situations can be found following deciduous trees which were built between chemists and doctors.

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