An essential test for soldiers who follow Martian probes

There are currently two titles that have examined the InSight probation at NASA to Mars; affecting the most difficult test to date: bringing news, bad or bad, in the InSight descent through the Martian air Monday.

WALL-E and EVE are the leading characters of the lively movie in 2008, the two CubeSat satailites will be passing a few miles kilometers from Mars when the fertilizer turns roughly.

The next one, look at the InSight partners:


WALL-E and EVE, each size of cow size, took place in the same rocket launched by InSight to Mars in May. The CubeSats always share rockets, because they are too small and cheap to open themselves. This project, Mars Cube One Project (MarCO) is done and managed by NASA, and costs 18.5 million dollars.


NASA held the two CubeSats around 10,000 kilometers (6,000 miles) away from InSight at 483 million (300 million) polls. going to Mars to prevent accidents or dangerous ways. The moving role in this "relaxed" creature by Andy Klesh's director says that he has been different to the mission and is slowing down & s the lines that handle Mars.


EVE has been better than WALL-E for six months and a half. Each CubeSat has the same cold gas movement that is used in a fire engine. In the movie, WALL-E uses a fire engine to spread it through place. In fact, WALL-E has allowed fuel to escape from suspension. Flight rulers got solutions to the problem. At the same time, "EVE, like his name, has been flying especially through the mission," said Klesh.


In June, WALL-E and EVE agreed to have exams of radio broadcasting messages from antenna near Palo Alto, California. Klesh said he is motivating engineers in the ability of the two satellites to do the same with the InSight signals on the day they are doing. come ashore. Last month, both of them shot Mars from 8 million kilometers (13 million miles) away. Mars was just a very clear place, but scientists said it was a very good start.


It will take more than eight minutes and seven seconds to reach a radio signal from Mars to Earth. It should take less than an additional minute to get information from InSight, if the mini planes can work together. That means NASA could know how InSight is really good in real time. If WALL-E and EVE are silent, the probation may come directly from the probe or, after that, the spacecraft from Mars.


As NASA explores a new world, it would be of benefit that sites would have a surname of relay and landing updates. Mars boats already have to do so when NASA is in a position; survey. But where there is no satellite – similar to asteroids and dwarf planets – CubeSats is useful, at a small cost.


Whether they give information about InSight, WALL-E and EVE again, they will go to Mars and stay in a porch throughout the sun. Engineers expect to continue to & # 39; working two weeks beyond the corridor through the red planet, according to fuel and equipment.

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