An intermediary transport company explained the fire at Fiori

The transport company Sajythen, the owner of a regional bus that caught a fire within the ground was destroyed by Fiori and left as a result of the death of 20 people, revealed through a statement. t

It's like that Sajy Buregret about the death of the 20 people within the inter-bus and they named that they will work with the authorities to investigate the case.: "The PNP and the Public Prosecutor's Office are developing their corresponding investigative functions to establish the cause of this unfortunate event, in which the company has been providing its unqualified support. T and unspecified "said the statement.

In addition to this, Bus Sajy waiting for the list of people who died within the bus to be led Chiclayo: “We are waiting for the responsible centers (PNP and Public Ministry) to provide us with the official list of deaths and injuries in this event".

In addition, the transport company named it that it will support the families of people who are suffering.

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