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As a surplus, diseases that are exposed to sex are emerging, new ones appear and others seem to appear; disappearing by time, but the increase in the number of cases of four diseases, although not new They are not very familiar and often misunderstood.

In addition, experts have a concern that they have recently spread widely.

We will tell you a bit about that Four diseases spread to sex:

Nisseria Meningitis

Also known as meningococcus, this is a bacterium It can cause an aggressive brain disease, disease on the brain and the protective membranes in which; backbone.

The bacterium has emerged since the seventies were found in a male cimpansee. The animal appears to have had a disease in the nose and the bodach that was given to the urethra through selfofelation. Several studies show that this barrel can be spread largely by oral type.

It is estimated to be between 5% and 10% of adults are abusive Neisseria Meningitidis behind the nose and neck.

Mycoplasma Genitalum

It was marked about sixty years ago and it is estimated that it is currently which is present between 1% and 2% of the world's population, especially in adolescents and young adults.

It is common for disease with Mycoplasma Genitalium to be contaminated by chlamydia or gonorrhea due to a problem in the urethra or cervical, but in many cases it does not give signs and so it is more difficult to prove.

This disease can have a greater impact on women because of the pelvic bleeding; causes it tied to behavioral, abbreviated, mortal death and prejudice.

The disease can be treated by antibiotics, but the body appears to be growing and that's the worst doctors. Although there are different ways to prove this disease, they are rarely used in clinics to deal with current diseases.

Shigella Flexneri

This disease is broadcast through direct or indirect communication with the human's case; It causes stomach cramps and attacks its & # 39; diarrhea with blood and mucus.

Although this disease is more common in young children than in adults, issues are recorded among people of homosexual and biodegradual people since the 1970s and just as mycoplasm has been increasing anti-antibiotics

Lymphogranuloma Venereal (LGV)

This disease is caused by unusual species Chlamydia Trachomatis; It starts with a type of phimple, blister or temporary genital ulcer that is then a & # 39; invoking the complete lump system of its body.

When it occurs in the right place, it is common to be & # 39; It produces inflammatory galaxies and causes causes of phytols and painful congestion in the area. Like chlamydia, this disease is also treated by antibiotics and can be avoided by condom use, and # 39; Increasing the risk of HIV / AIDS risk.

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