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Apple finds financial compensation for the teenager to hide FaceTime

In the last month Apple affected the bad badge that affected FaceTime: when you called someone else, you would hear it before you hit the token.

He drank a & # 39; The first person to find a security break of the United States. He and his mother tried to warn the company, but Apple seems unlikely to change only when the media news arrived.

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In an entry posted to his security blog, Apple is Believe that Grant Thompson is the person who found this bankruptcy. Grant is 14 years old and is currently living in Arlington (Texas).

In this entry, Apple makes it clear that they have corrected this security service, with the updates for their two operating systems: iOS 12.1.4 and MacOS Mojave 10.14.3. If you have a device with iOS or macOS, you can go to Settings to download the update that is authenticated to & # 39; this mistake.

"We have filed a FaceTime security break in the Group on Apple users, and next week we will provide a software update that will make this action again for users."

Update Updates and Window Software and Application Manager

Apple has been identified (through The Verge) economic compensation for the Thompson family, but they do not want to show the right amount (they offer up to $ 200,000 to find security researchers and report them to the dangers).

Apparently, with their economic help they are trying to support the young people so I can go to college. In this way, Apple attempts to complete this wrong error, recognizing the author's find and his / her; reward him.

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