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Around 4,500 people die from every day in the world

AA – The to wear it it is still a key problem that affects the public's health despite global measures. Health organizations estimate that about 4,000 people die every day in the world due to the consumption.

According to the data World Health Organization In 2017, there were 10 million patients with the disease and 1.6 million people died from this disease.

Despite the attempts made by many institutions to treat this disease, particularly WHO, it is to spend the cause of many people in the world, by taking the lead in managing the disease. T thousands of children joined.

According to the WHO, about 1 million children in 2017 were suffering from tuberculosis and 230,000 children died of this disease.

On the other hand, the organization noted that 54 million patients spent the disease as a result of effective treatment.

While the number of cases spending per year is down by 2% per year, the WHO stresses that this should be increased at a 4-5% level to reflect the aims of the strategy. produced in the program. Throw in 2020 ".

Most cases are spent in south-east Asia

South-east Asia is standing as the region with most cases spending, with about 44% spending. This is followed by an African continent of 25 per cent and the Western Pacific divided by 18 per cent.

The 7.7% of people in the world are treated as people of eastern Mediterranean, 2.8 per cent in America and 2.7 in Europe.

Two-thirds of the events take place in the world in India, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh and South Africa.

In Europe, Romania and Bulgaria are among the most prevalent countries with TB issues.

World Day is celebrated every 24 March to raise public awareness of one of the world's deadliest diseases.

This year's theme, which was set by the WHO: “It's now”, signifies that steps need to be taken to reduce disease.

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