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Betis le Diego Lainez vs. Club of Athletics: aims, products and best pictures of Mexico dated 21 of the Santander League in San Mamés 2019 | Spain

Owner is Diego Lainez | Betis andClub of Athletics play today TITLE MUNK BEAUTY dated 21 of 2019 League in a game that will be held at the San Mamés stadium in the city of Bilbao (Spain). The game is broadcast across Latin America through the direction of DirecTV, Sky Sports and Betis TV for Spain. gives you the overall summary you offer as a summary of all with aims, yellow and red cards, statistics and other events. Check the following list of timetables and channels. Take part in the distribution and reporting of Twitter profile Betis and Athletic Bilbao.

Diego Lainez showed a very good play at Betis vs. Athletic and almost not got the 1-1 level for the badges in San Mamés.

Diego Lainez showed a very good play at Betis vs. Athletic and almost not got the 1-1 level for the badges in San Mamés. (beIN Sports)

Club Betis and Athletic: that's how they played for the Santander League

Betis: Pau; Mandi, Feddal, Sidnei; Barragán, Lo Celso, Uilleam, Canales, Francis Guerrero; Morón, Lainez

Club of Athletics: Herrerín; Capa, Álvarez, Martínez, Berchiche; García, San José; De Marcos, Muniain, Córdoba; Williams

With the intention of sending a Wednesday in & # 39; Benito Villamarín 1-1 of the first season of the season at RCDE Park, the Betis de Diego Lainez they will be arriving in Bilbao to take a much better Applied Athletics from a & # 39; promotes Derio coach from the subcategory.

However, the Betis rojiblanco team was very tough in the first round, when he went on 0-2 in his & her; first half before Captain Markel Susaeta was away and a 2-2 minute break was a good result for visitors.

Here's how an Athletics Club comes for a match against Diego Lainez Betis

Club of Athletics to get Betis with the intention to continue to escape from where they were going; lived when Garitano arrived and moved to three points after 1-1 of the last day in Villarreal controversial for achieving the VAR and because the Basque team was unhappy.

In that decision, and certainly in advance Betis, the coach from Vizcaya influenced the game that was executed since its arrival, the protection order, strength in duellan and depth in attack.

Formula that already started with Raúl García and Aritz Aduriz in an attack, but he has done better with Iker Muniain-Iñaki Williams, and then chose the wounds of the two old soldiers.

Although Raul may have a Entering after four games of muscle backing attack, for tomorrow it's gone; One-eighteen expectations in the final games line by Mikel San Jose for the Beñat Etxebarria hanged in the middle of the park and Ibai Gomez of a new person, as in La Cerámica, on the right.

Eleventh Iago Herrerín finished between the sticks, the normal defensive line of four created by Capa, Yeray, Iñigo Martínez and Yuri; Dani García le San José in double pipe; and Córdoba on the left of the raid.

Betis will reach San Mamés with a good feeling of cup cup in Barcelona against Espanyol (1-1) long & as they wait for his return in Villamarín, and with the intention of taking possession of the second victory victory after the last day against the last day of Girona (3-2).

Quique Setién states that troops have been set up well but with its " His backbone is full, because Tonny Sanabria, a Paraguayan strikeman left his way to Italian Genoa, keeping his players licensed to prove that he is always like San Mamés.

It's just at the end of the attack where Santander is right behind leaving Sanabria, as Loren Morón got out a bit of the game against the Espanyol and so on. earning choices of Sergio León.

Pau Lopez could return to the weather by Joel Robles, which is essential in Cornellá, and the staff may have different differences in the last games, with Antonio Barragán and Cristián Tello in the bands, and Aïssa Mandi, Marc Bartra and Zou Feddal for the venue.

Although Sidnei Rechel, the royal throne of Brasilia, has already come to the group after returning from Brazil due to the death of his father, it seems that it would not seem that, due to the hours of trips and training, it goes into the group.

The coach must coordinate the management of staff who, when they are, closing a winter market, has dropped well with the injuries and leaving Sanabria and the Japanese Takashi Inui, who was already with his Asian Cup team before moving to Alabhala.

The Betis, with the corporate record of the three competitions in which she is immersed, looks to the position in the seventh place in LaLiga and with her. A desire to return to the European places it aims, and there are two points in the Europa League case that now marks the Getafe.

Betis vs. Bilbao Athletics: apparently for LaLiga Santander 2019

Athletics : Herrerín; Capa, Yeray, Iñigo Martínez, Yuri; Dani García, San José; Ibai, Muniain, Córdoba; and Williams.

Betis: Pau López; Barragán, Mandi, Bartra, Feddal, Tello; Lo Celso, Guardado, Carvalho, Channels; and Sergio León.

Exit: Xabier Estrada Fernández (Catalan Committee).

VAR referee: David Sepé Jiménez (Catalanis Committee).

Achadh: San Mamés.

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