Capacity: the police robber killed who attacked him

The substitute's motorcycle Assailant, the deceased's family says that he did not steal

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A Police he killed shots to a young man who would attack him Eating. The deceased's family is to make sure he's not a thief; , but has a history of stealing.

Everything happened in the jorge Jorge Chavez, the unincorporated officer Ronal Rimarachín Vásquez He was with her lover when the invaders asked them. The criminals gave 1,500 soles, cell phones and motorcycle.

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However, Rimarachín He persecuted the robbers. One was on the motorcycle, and the other one ran away, he went on board a motorcycle taxi and fled. The agent was behind the woman on the motorcycle.

In a loop, the thief He fell and continued to escape. Seeing he had no place to go, he went into a house. The agent sent the gun to him and asked him to stop it. Eventually, he killed him and died.

The family says that Christopher Aldair Román Huamán He did not take part in the robber and had gone out to buy diapers. However, there is a history of error and physical violence. The morgue ruined the ruin of the young man, and the small officer to the Depincri Eating for the search.

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