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A first football player Carlos Kukín & # 39; Flowers who died at the age of 44 in the early hours of Sunday, 17 February in San Miguel, suffered heart attack. That news has brought spectacular football fans in astonishing way. So, we will review what it means to be & # 39; heart attacks and how it differs from heart attack, two words that are widely used.

While the words are heart attack and heart attack (disability) are often used as synonyms, both are different in terms of their causes. In some cases, there will be heart attack may happen due to a heart attack, but the two terms do not have the same meaning.

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An heart attack (ban) caused by blood failure and oxygen provision to the heart, as long as it is heart attack It occurs due to problems in the electrical system within the same organ.

If the blood declines to heart, stop or change the heart rhythm of the heart, the effects can be fatal. As you know, the human heart is like a car motor, as this is a power source that will keep its body, move.

— heart attack (arrest) —

An heart attack (also known as infarction, cross-attack, or microcardial ban) Blood supply is at heart. If a cure is not swiftly, heartbeat will be a stop pumping and dumping begin to die.

How is it different from heart arrest? In heart disease, the heart keeps beating, but the blood is streaming to the orghan stops.

A heart attack It can happen at any time: when you sleep or sleep, after a sudden increase in physical activity, when you are active outside cold weather, after having a problem very emotional or physical, including illness.

The most common cause is the heart attack of coronary artery. This is due to the collection of plaster (cholesterol and other cells) in the walls of the clads. At the end, a range of the table can be & # 39; breaking, causing blood around it and its; gives way to her bone.

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— cartoon grip —

It is a heart attack in the failure of an electrical system inside its heart, which is a? rhythm control of heart. Special problems can cause unusual heart causes such as arrhythmias. In arrhythmia, the heart can be too slow, too fast or stopping; hitting. When the heart develops arrythmia where this is stop stops, a stopping her heart.

The National Medical Library of USA It also notes, among reasons heart attack coronary artery disease, physical stress and some genetic situations. But, sometimes, it is not possible to identify the case.

According to Texas Heart Institute, its first sign of a heart attack to be hurt or to # 39; loss of awareness, which happens when the heart stops its & # 39; hitting. The breath may also stop at that time. Some people may feel embarrassed just before they come out.

Person with heart attack You should get medical attention immediately, or if you die in a few minutes. There is more chance to survive if the patient gets disinfected, stopping electricity to restore normal heart regeneration. In addition, cardiopulmonary revitalization (CPR) must be provided to provide disinfection.

— Main cause of death —

There are many types of heart disease but the common is the shape or shape of it; blocking the corrugated areas, the vessels of blood giving blood to the heart itself. This is called an ischemic heart disease, heart disease, or coronary artery disease, and slowly evolves over time.

In 2016 alone, an ischemic heart disease killed more than 9 and a half million people, confirming that this is the main cause of death in the world. In the second place, with more than 5 million victims, there was a stroke (ACV).

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