Cencosud will reclaim $ 8.5 million in the third quarter Economy Business

Silein Dealer Cencosud On Thursday, the third quarter of this year was varied for the loss of 5,612 million pesos, related to a reduction in revenue due to accounting, but partly reduced by lower costs.

The loss (equivalent to US $ 8.5 million) is comparable to the benefits of 28,354 million pesos (US $ 42.8 million) in the same period last year, Cencosud told local governor.

The Silein event identified that inflation was one of the reasons for the loss and the inevitability of the exchange rate in Argentina, one of the countries in which he works.

The group, with headquarters in Santiago and work units Argentina, The Brazil, The Chile, The Colombia and Peru, thus recording an interim reduction in its 25% income between July and September.


In Peru, there are supermarkets at Cencosud at Wong and Metro, Banco Cencosud and Paris retail shop.

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