Cristal Sport already had a connection with Claudio Vivas, former coach of Boca Juniors Peru | Lima | League 1 | Decentralization

Vivas was responsible for the small areas of Juniors Boca

Eight days after the first time in League 1, the board of directors Sports Zone still not to define instead of Alexis Mendoza. It's one of the Argentinean options Claudio Vivas, co-ordinator formerly the Deaf Divisions of Juniors Junction.

According to Fox Sports Radio Peru, Life already Sports Zone, a well-known club for the short time in 2013.

"I sent a message to the technician and said that there was a communication to know what's available. But that does not mean he's already (employed)," said a journal Mauricio Loret de Mola.

Claudio Vivas He became co-ordinator of the lower departments Boca Juniors in 2017 to 2019, when Nicolás Burdisso came to the sport of his club.

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