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Pokemon licensing is still successful. An The next two versions of the saga Named by Nintendo's Pokémon Direct Sword Pokémon and Pokémon Shield In addition, Nintendo introduced the three original animals in the eighteenth generation. These will accompany each coach throughout their area throughout Disease. It is about it Sgorbunny, The Sobble and Grookey, our new partners.

The title will be available all over the world for the Nintendo Switch consignment in late 2019.

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So the new letters are:

▶ ︎ First letter of the eighth generation

These three first letters divide the classical elements of the first letters of the previous generations: grass, The fire and water.

In a game game, he first appeared Sgorbunny, The Rabbit like Pokémon Fire who has the ability to light a fire wherever he is walking. Then, to control the flames, it appeared Sobble, The the "Pokémon acuartija" de type of water. This has the potential to be unexpected in the water, as well as throwing jets. Finally, the type of grass pokemon, The Grookey, small scimmering that can be screened.

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Here's the video game trailer:

▶ initial First letters of another Pokémon

They were the first Pokémon video game that came to her; market of Red and Green Pokémon versions in 1996, in Japan. 23 years have passed since then and titles like Moon pokemon o Pokemon Chess. There are completely new creatures in each new section that is given.

It is the region of its first generation; there Song and he has his first interest Bulbasaur, The Charmander and Squirtle, namely grass, fire and water, separately. The first and second quarter of the Pokémon soul is located in this section. While it's in video games, the pieces of Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Blue or the new ones are Pokémon Pokémon Let's Go is developed in Kanto. Pikachu, the famous electronic mouse, belongs to this section.

The second generation is developed in the area Johto. It is the first spouse that is; there Chikorita, The Cyndaquil and Totodile. They are based on the types of grass, fire and water. The video games based in this category are Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal.

The Pokemon is the third generation living in the area Hoenn. The first names are listed Treecko, Torchic and Mudkip. Pokémon type of grass, fire and water, individually. A number of licensing titles have been developed in this section, such as: Ruby Pokémon, Sapphire, Esmeralda for Game Boy Advance.

The eighth generation of birth will be established in the Disease area and will be available for Nintendo Switch by the end of 2019. The three letters are listed Sgorbunny, The Sobble and GrookeyWhich is your favorite?

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