Door Exchange rate: this is the official price of the dollar in Peru for the 5th of February, 2019 today Buy | Sale SBS | Ocoña Bank Economy Margaidean

An exchange rate The dollar was received from an initial increase and closed lower on Tuesday, in the middle of a mixed stream session and offers dollar of overseas investors and local pension assets; and without relevant information from abroad.

An dollar 0.15% fell to 3,324 / 3,326 units compared to 3,330 / 3,331 Monday, with business for some $ 343 million, slightly larger than double compared to the previous weak working day.

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With this result, the exchange rate A collapse collection of 1.28% to date this year, and # 39; increasing in comparison with the advanced level 4.05% last year.

In the session Tuesday, the local dollar rises to S / 3,334; and the lowest price S / 3,324.

At a global level, there will be copper up to a maximum of two months before they intend to promote them in interactions United States and China; long is the dollar He was deceived in front of a basket of medals.

In Lima, an informal exchange rate It worked at 3,333 / 3,335 tonnes per dollar, the same level on Monday.

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