Door Exchange Rate: this is the price of the dollar in Peru today February 27, 2019 Buy Sale SBS | Ocoña Bank Economy Margaidean

An exchange rate of the dollar closing on Wednesday at a recent low five months back on a day in which Scotland's price is copper It grew better from an original diminution and closed off; higher due to increased demand for metal. China.

An dollar It fell 0.21% to 3,296 / 3.2970 alone compared to 3,303 / 3,304 only Tuesday, with business for some $ 453 million.

The Chinese economy is provoking a & # 39; first indication of revival

Copper backup but it is still more than 8 months due to demand expectations

Gold is reinforced in a limited range and palladium works almost as much as size

Here, the Peruvian money bringing a 2.14% increase against the dollar so far this year, a big improvement compared to a fall of 4.05% last year.

In the session, the exchange rate It is reduced to S / 3,296 per dollar and b. The highest price is S / 3,309.

An Peruvian money advanced on the day to the highest of 21st September last year, despite the revival of Wednesday of the dollar's global price index, Calculating the achievement of the money against a basket of six main money, after scoring is very low at night.

Also, price copper It rises as a strong demand from China was expected to increase the confidence of investors, although progression was in place after prices reached a level of The technical instrument of the elevations was eight months.

An exchange rate The informal department in Lima operated at 3,306 / 3,307 times per dollar, compared to 3,311 / 3,313 at the end of Tuesday.

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