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Eat fish and reduce cancer risk

One of the diseases is cancer with the highest mortality rate in the world. According to information from the League Against Cancer, 45,000 new cases of this disease are detected every year in our country, but happily, we are at our fish in support to help reduce the risk of suffering from this disease.

The Ministry of Conduct, through the National Program "To Eat Fish", is a " Remember that fish who fish is often associated with a healthy lifestyle, and # 39; reduce the chance of cancer development due to & # 39; Omega 3 is displayed in a & # 39; this food.

Dira Janira Paucar, nutrition of "To Eat Fish", indicates that several studies have shown that the acids are omega 3 of the EPA and DHA types; restricting the movement of cancer cells. This contributes to & # 39; reducing the risk of attack, metastasis and other regeneration processes that occur at cell levels in people with cancer.

One of the studies of the Massachusetts General Hospital in the United States, which demonstrated that EPA and DHA are beneficial to; A patient suffering from life cancer. This is because they are going to; continue to erase growth grows and its & # 39; slow down the angiogenesis (new blood vessels), which allows me to grow.

"In this study, prepared by medical experts in gastrointestinal cases, the risk of colon cancer was significantly reduced and this was related to the inclusion of Omega 3, both some in food and in fish oil developments. "The specialist said.

Good health

To take advantage of this and other benefits from Omega3 are essential for the use of healthy fish, such as baked, steamed, grilled, parboiled, among others, such as baked, baked jack, anchovy and mackerel. 39; eliminate it because they do it; reducing the nutritional status of these marine species nutrition status.

As well as fish, it's very important to eat food as fruit, vegetables and food dishes, as well as feeding down high food foods.

The specialist specializes that need to be & # 39; Limit to drink alcohol, tobacco and sweet sweets. In the same way, use physical activity, at least 30 minutes a day for healthcare.

MarPez application

To encourage the consumption of fish, the Representation Ministry presented the "MarPez" application, where users can find a variety of fish-based recipes, among other material.

The purpose of the mobile application is to inform Peruwians about the benefits of fish consumption and the importance of doing it; caring for our hydrological species. "MarPez" is part of a campaign that aims to stimulate the consumption of fish among Peruvian, and will be established on Tuesday as a " A main day to spend fish and promote a healthier eating culture throughout the country.

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