Extended beul-insulin capsule to put it into diabetic patient's discharges

Extended beul-insulin capsule to put it into diabetic patient's discharges

US scientists have expanded a medication cap that gives oral insulin doses and may replace the fragments that people with a type 2 diabetes need to take each day.

The study published in the 8 th Edition of the Science magazine's description of its & # 39; capsule, how many plant plants and include a coat reserved insulin needle.

In animal exams, researchers found that they could adequately control insulin to reduce sugar sugar to comparative levels than those thrown through the skin.

The needle was made up of purple insulin and diluted at the top and shape of the incredible glossy. The needle is attached to a component of a component that was inserted into a sugar disc, according to the survey.

When the capsule is swallowed, the stomach water will disperse the sugar diskette, and # 39; drop off the spring and put the thread into the stomach wall. Painters do not have pain at the stomach wall.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) were inspired by a turtle called the leopard tortoise. The turtle with a high slope ridge, can turn straight when it comes to the back.

They created a similar shape to the horse; It could be directed to ensure that the needle is in contact with the fungus.

In this study, it takes about an hour to release the insulin into the bloodstream.

In pigs exams, researchers found that they could manage up to 300 micrograms of insulin successfully. Later on, they got the dose increased to 5 milligrams, compared to the level of a patient with a type 2 diabetes discharged.

"The reason is that it is easier for patients to take drugs, especially medications that need topower," said co-author of the article, Giovanni Traverso , Brigham professor and Women's Hospital and a visiting expert at MIT.

"The classic is insulin, but there are many others," said Traverso.

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