Facebook now explains why it contains all your content

Facebook Portal

Facebook has used a new feature that allows users to access it why some content has something in your news and authorize you to manage the publications you are interacting with. The tool is available today in Facebook's request for all mobile devices and is listed here: t "Why can I see this publication?".

The new role explains why the user sees a particular idea

To use this activity, the user must select the drop down menu located in the top right corner of any publication. From there, it will open that the details of that position in your news item: which was published by a friend, which follows on that page …

Faceboook informs the user of the purpose of that publication, including data relating to a specific page or group of Facebook, links to previous publications of a previous consumer, the pleasure of the publication amongst “Friends” or that the advertor's information fits with that profile.

In addition, the menu also offers a direct access to profile format and control, so that the user can perceive and modify the news content he finds .


Options included in this arrangement menu "Block", "Food Choices" and "Private Shortcuts". Thanks to them, the guide to publications is more simple and the user has more control over what they see.

Facebook has launched this tool to get it started greater clarity of advertisers and to give more control to customers following recent criticism of scandal as Cambridge Analytica. While these features do not fully control security with users, they take forward their participation and confidentiality at the stage.

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