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A person falls down a calf that sneaks into your keyboard and amazes thousands with the result.

She found out that her dog had left all her food, and that his reason caused the tears

Being inside the mother's womb, babies are able to listen to outside musicand even show their prey for some musical species. After birth, music remains a key element for its development, as seen in a video entered Facebook.

Firstly, which was originally published on Twitter and shared with page TeCHIVE Facebook, showing how it is a wonderful child was attracted by the beautiful music from the fiddle that a woman meets and comes so close; for closer listening.

The main protagon of the viral video of it Facebook he is sitting on his feet and he does not give his eyes where the fiddler is; which ends by keeping up one of her legs tightly. This activity caused everyone in the room to come down in a single room and the child sat back on the floor to keep on listening to her.

Audrey, as her mother's mother recognized, told her that she is a music teacher and that her husband is a Broadway musician, so t to discover what way your son is doing for the violin at an early age is a sign. sent to classes so he can learn how to play this instrument.


The child took all of the internet with his wonderful answer. (FUND: Facebook) t

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