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Alliance vs. University Distribution of BEAN BEAN | ONLY FREE FOR FREE International FACEBOOK BEAN TV | STORK They are ranked by the first date of League 1 in a game that has never been seen. Both squad teams want to start with their right legs and their. let everyone find their & # 39; first goal they meet.

Alliance vs. University Cantolao: authentic co-sides

Alliance vs. University Canticle: minute by minute

This is a game that's a # 39; closing its first date of League 1, although it was the first Canton Academy He asked to be deferred before a section of the main road closed with fingers that would make it difficult for him to come to Huánuco town.

BUN tab of Ligue 1 output after its first date of Opening Tours

However, the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF), the organizer of League 1, has not managed to manage the case, so complying with the # 39; timetable as planned.

Alliance Alliance to indicate that he would return to his & # 39; First Division of Peruvian Pirates, since 1990, and hopes to do with the impact of the house, at the Heraclio Tapia stadium.

The University team is in its sessions as Óscar Vílchez, Víctor Rossel and Julio Landauri.

Installed already in Huánuco, the Canticle Starting in League 1 and aims to make progress on what has been done last year and be eligible for an international cup.

Alliance vs. University Cantolao – recordings in the world

7:00 pm in Mexico
20:00 in Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, the United States (Chicago) (New York +1, Washington +1, Florida +1, Nevada -2)
9:00 p.m. in Venezuela, Bolivia
10:00 pm in Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, Uruguaidh
23:00 in Brazil
02:00 p.m. Tuesday in Spain, Italy, France, Germany
04:00 a Tuesday in Qatar and Saudi Arabia
9:00 pm on Tuesday in China
10:00 m Tuesday in Japan and South Korea

Alliance vs. University Cantolao – apparently

Alliance Alliance: D. Morales; A. Ramos, R. Bogado, G. Gambetta, D. Encinas; J. Rivas, O. Vílchez 20, Landauri, J. Durán, J. Portilla; R. Aponzá.
DT : Ronny Revolver

Canticle: F. Nicosia; C. Hair, O. Contreras, V. Salas, F. Jasaui; P. Albarracín, G. Barreto, J. Castillo, J. Montaño, L. Martín 19; D. Chávez
DT: Jorge Araujo

University of Sport

When the & # 39; at the Moyobamba playground. (Sport Sport Cloth)

University of Sport

The statements by Nicolás Córdova after the 1-1 against Unión Comercio. (Video: Sports University).

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