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A day like 75 years ago, Cañete saw a sacred peace captain Peruvian selection: Hector Chumpitaz. Idol University of Sportwhich, due to the quality of its production in the history of national football, has come down largely as a result. t FIFA. He was also head of Bicolor in the World Cup. Mexico 70, Argentina 78 and one of the room managers to Spain 82.

The young lad started to collect potatoes and put large stones in Collique, his footballer in Home Sports in 1964, two years later it came University of Sport live forever in the support teams' teams. He received five national titles and received five titles second in the Copa Libertadores 1972. To the visitors, there are three other competitions Cristal Sports.

After crowning it The American Cup 1975, he went to the same club he had played abroad for, the Atlas of Guadalajara. Spain should be the third World Cup, but the Achilles tendon was broken in the local competition match. From that sad memory the plaster is still recovering and is signed by Diego Maradona.

In Peruvian football the list of performances and of small numbers is small, and most are responsible for the name of the event: the same Hector Chumpitaz, like then Teófilo Cubillas and Hugo Sotil the American team of the mythical Portuguese team have been able to join the American team Eusebio and Johan Cruyff, why did he give the title 'Captain of America', or that it was 'Bombonerazo & 39'; unsure in which Peru left The Argentina without ticket to Mexico 70.

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More than 20 miles from Peruvian escaped the Granitic & 39; on the 10th October, 1985 at the National Park. Hector Chumpitaz He was 41 years old, played 456 games and sent 65 goals.

'Chumpi' left; to mark all the courts that he made on his, with the purity of which removed the ball from enemies, and that leap that had surpassed many attackers who was much higher than, but above all t , for his carriage and gift of order. For what they still remember as Captain of America;

This is how Hector Chumpitaz, the “Captain of America” played. (Film: Youtube)

This is how Hector Chumpitaz, the “Captain of America” played. (Film: Youtube)

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