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How will leadership and a common chief change? | NEWS The Industry

Almost everyone has a headache. This disease is, in detail, one of the most frequent medical consultations. In some cases extreme headaches are associated with other common diseases such as cold, however, in others it becomes a serious and ongoing problem. Is it a burden?

A headache, also called headaches, can be three types: compression, anxiety or secondary school.

Heart disease is the most common types of headaches. They can be caused by the muscle hardening of the throat and skin, which then comes to fruition in physical or environmental factors, such as weight or poor posture.

Recognize that the pain is warm or medium, generates a sense of pressure band around the head and usually lives quite short.

Assistant scientist Juan Brush explained that there is a tension or extreme headache in any part of the head and feel that there is a strong weight on the electoral side. "During the day he can pain to increase the same burden," he said.

On the other hand, migraines provide other symptoms such as stomach, erection, sensitivity to a light or severe sound. In this case, the pain is usually fixed on one side of the head and is said to be hit, medium or bad.

A migraine can keep a few hours, even days and attacks can often return. In addition, they are more often found in women than men.

Because the factors are the responsibility of each person, the doctor should assess your case and make a recommendation regarding the following treatment.

Another type of headache is called a “secondary school”, as the name means it is very high pain to other pathology. This comfort can combine with brain or disease diseases.


According to the World Health Organization, a migraine is the eighth reason for disability in the world and 80% of chanters are displaying the first attack before the age of 30. This situation is very common in women and men. originally a mix of genetic or environmental qualities.

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