Mobile phones have attracted a lot of attention at the start of the year, with blows from it Samsung and Huawei by showing the ability of the two companies to undertake their technical capabilities to a new level. The most interesting thing is, directly, this latter shop, which was displayed at MWC 2019.

The Huawei Mate X has been relegated to the Chinese website of, where the purchase page has been enabled for a few minutes. By finding out about the analyzes, the most interesting part of this is the starting date, although there is no special day, it was said to happen. for the month of June.

It will do so, one month after the main competition so far, the Galaxy Fold will appear on the shelves next May.

Expensive innovation

Huawei can enter Mate X into the standards that the signature can give in a smart phone, as follows: the giullaiche Kirin 980 owner, 5G connection, 4,500 mA battery with fast cost or three cameras are manufactured in collaboration with Leica, amongst other benefits. It will, as it were, at a surprising price.

The inclusion of a shadow is one of the few waiting stages for the industry and these phones, because of their complexity in doing so, will never make the phone-in. tools with these features reaching reach figures for all users. The Huawei Mate X can be purchased from 2,299 euros.