Katy Perry does not want to go back to the altar!

It can be said to have the knowledge Katy Perry in marriage he would not be the one who was married. best, because after two years of union with the Russell Brand comedian they lost him so much hope in love, but in the "saint" center that is in his place; means the union of two people. And that is the reason why something inside his plans at this time is not his life back to the altar and his / her; swear lasting love. This was featured with the star in a paper magazine interview.

Provides stock of personal and professional life to date, and including many musical successes, his time with American Idol and a strong relationship with actor Orlando Bloom, his current companion. In a conversation, which was very open and, in turn, on the other hand, the singer appeared to her plans for the future.

Nowadays a couple has a & staying under one roof, however, all of these would be projections. "Now I'm more pragmatic and logical, and I'm not as angry about things. We see, I married 25 years old, now I'm 34. That was almost ten years ago … At that time I thought I could get the rest of life with one person, and I'm not sure that this is my right idea for me. I am a very different man than I was then, "he said.

However, the interpreter of "Firework" to ensure that Hollywood star tolerance has been developed without significant awareness, Despite sharing them to collect all kinds of things for the commendable value she has; trying to stop.

Although the proofs are Katy Perry They should not be taken as a bad idea of ​​relationships in general. No, he does not now believe in peace or end stories, but he has shown that a valuable love story, a great sacrifice and a personal lesson, he needs to understand the boundaries of communication effective in their relationships.

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