Las Bambas: Gregorio Rojas wants to intervene with the Catholic Church in Peru

Through a letter sent this evening to the school Peru Episcopal Conference, chief of the community Fuerabamba, Gregorio Rojas formally asked the Catholic Church and the Ombudsman to get involved in the debate to find a way out of the conflict. Las Bambas

The letter, written by the hand and director, features Rojas establishing a program of meetings which includes representatives from the State, MMG Las Bambas, the Ombudsman's Office and the Ceann Comhairle of the Council of Ministers (PCM).

After a morning meeting today with the president of Peru's Episcopal Conference, Monsignor Miguel Cabrejos, Rojas announced that the start of the talks with the Government takes place at 6:00 am. The headquarters of the religious organization, located in the Jesús María region.

The director told RPP that, after the afternoon meeting, he could explain his issue of the access to the access road, which had been blocked for over 50 days.

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