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Lava Jato's special equipment belongs to the land estate situation Miguel Atala and his son Politics

A group of prosecutions from the Lava Jato team, known as Geovana Mori, is headed by two businesswoman's buildings Miguel Atala Herrera, and his son Samir Atala Nemi's house, as part of the investigation that follows the crime that is being to evaluate money-making.

The search measure with home registration and discharge was approved by the Second Second Preparatory Research Court, who stated that the request was food for receiving the assistance of the Mori proxy. He said that appropriate evidence was obtained for the investigation by this step, as there is a suspicion that there is an element of evidence within the buildings.

The interventions of housing interventions are the Miguel Atala Herrera which is located in Avenue 327, San Isidro, and also on this site in the jiron José Rivera and Dávalos 667, Santoyo Urbanization, El Agustino.

The house built by Samir Atala Nemi is the one on Augusto Bolognesi Street 250, San Isidro.

The procurator fails to maintain that Ammarin Investment Inc was a company in Panama in September 2007 and, gives Miguel Atala unlimited powers and Samir Atala gave a general and extensive power for him in October.

According to the Ministry of Public Affairs, in In this context, the two inspectors received copies of the company Odebrecht through the Klienfeld Services Ltda offshore, and used for this Andorra Private Banking.

The lawsuit says that, besides that, Luiz Da Rocha Soares, who was an Odebrecht officer working in the Department of Structured Works, said that this company used Private Andorra Banking to pay Brides.

Details of Rocha Soarez about those Peruvian patients Miguel Atala he received $ 1 & 3,000 for a fantastic contract through payments in the account of the Andorra Private Bank and from box 2 of the Brazilian construction company.

However, Miguel Atala has been convinced of the Ministry of Publics that this money was received as an application of land based landmark in El Agustino which would be re-issued to build section 2 of Line 1 of Lima Metro.

The research warrant also includes mobile asset, documents (leaflets, purchase contracts, electronic motions, emails, pictures, etc.) and other elements related to the search.

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