Legarda: Nutella, the song sung by the singer on YouTube Lights | Music

The title of the song by the urban singer is "Nutella" Legarda. This collaboration with Ryan Roy and Dejota 2021 was published hours after his death, as he had already been recorded YouTube.

The reggaeton singer Legarda He died on Thursday afternoon, who suffered casual shooting in a & # 39; Try to rob in a town in Medellín, Colombia.

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On Thursday, just as he named his social networking, a video record of the new "Nutella" song was released on YouTube.

YouTube's legend and video is entitled to the singer: "A person who dies does not leave, but the person who fails to die".

Listen to the topic here:

"You are and it's always light, from the ones that will not be disconnected, you're always in my heart," and read the legend on her; YouTube video.

Fabio Legarda, a member of Sony Music label, played a strong role in urban music. For some years his popularity in Latin America had begun to & # 39; grow.

In Peru he worked collaboratively with talented talents in their social networks, Leslie Shaw and Daniela Darcourt, who had been unfortunately unfortunately, did not share their talents.

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