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The mosquitoes Mar Aedes or Anopheles are important to diseases such as malaria, yellow fever or dengue. Belief: Anders Lindström / SVA

The mosquito Anopheles, across malaria. Belief: Anders Lindström / SVA

The research, led by T.H Public Health School. Not from Harvard University, which showed that the atovaquone drug, usually given people to stop malaria and cure, is also effective in those insects.

Although humans are transmitted orally, mosquitoes can go through their legs, when they come into a surface with which atovicone was applied, such as in mosquito net beds.

The experts found that mosquitoes treated by this drug, introduced in 2000, were "completely" blocked by the development of its " insect Plasmodium falciparum, cause of malaria.

"Mosquitoes are extremely unusual and have been struggling against each insect used to kill them. By destroying malaria insects inside their mosquito, instead to kill, we can prevent the effective transmission of malaria, "said Flaminia, Catteruccia, an immunology professor and infectious diseases.

In the opinion, anti-mosquito web use can help fight against it; This catastrophic disease, because it is "a simple but innovative idea" that "is" safe "for humans and, in addition," respect for the environment ".

In the past 20 years, pesticide application in anti-mosquito networks has blocked around 68% of malaria cases, although some species have grown rapidly again to the re- most commonly distributed, such as pyrethroids, which are often used in homes and in agriculture.

For this study, mosquitoes of this type were displayed by scientists Anopheles the anti-medal company at aloneone, to implement professional handling capable of preventing the development and distribution of the P perspectivelasmodium falciparum.

Drugs similar to the off road

They found that the insects stopped completely with sheep with relatively low proportions of atovaquone (100 micromoles per square meter) and six-minute shows, a time similar to mosquitoes to go on a healing bed nets.

The researchers found similar results with similar drugs, although atonequone does not affect their stress, life expectancy or the ability of antibodies.

"When we used a mathematical model with glossary data on pesticides, mosquito protection and malaria, we found that consistent use such as atovaquone could significantly reduce the transmission of malaria in almost -the situation for malaria. We had data in Africa, "said Douglas Paton, the main author of the survey. EFEfuture

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