Miss Peru Anyella Grados will be re-presenting on TV after retiring: "When you are drawing out your dream it's impossible to feel bad" | VIDEO | Photograph 1 of 3 Exhibitions. T

Anyella Grados will be re-presenting on the television. ExMiss Peru 2019 concluded that a special interview with the weekly report should be followed, after a week of silence. As you may know, the girl had a 20-year star with her companions, who was a group of an overnight club through some activities in Rioja.

Ceumannan Anyella He chose quiet and Jessica Newton decided that he did not travel to Lima to attend. According to the competition organizer, she doesn't have any contact with the model again.

Now, without a crown and not being a representative of Peru, t Ceumannan Anyella talking for the first time after what happened. The module did not provide information about the images recorded Camila Canicoba where it draws out after a night of a party.

At all times, he preferred to avoid the problem, but called it a "hard blow" to take it in the last few days. Ceumannan Anyella He said he'd learned that he was no longer there Miss Peru.

"It was a blow after a blow, the last thing I beat when I was at home, I was very worried and I wanted to be alone, my family didn't want to see a network t social media, no media or social media, and they told me the decision, and then I realized that I should be stronger than I was, "she said in Latina.

Ceumannan Anyella

Ceumannan Anyella

Ceumannan Anyella She also said that she won't be as much like this. However, it is up to all the people who have supported it from the time of its crown.

"It is impossible to be the same as a like before with a hit as hard, when you remove your words, it is impossible not to feel bad, it's impossible, but I am sorry. T "I wish I and the person I will be in the possibilities I have." Ceumannan Anyella.

Finally, he apologized for all the events and thanked all the help before and after Miss Peru.

"I have made a mistake and I am very sorry for the people who have affected them at some time and even the entire people who have raised me, trust me and believe in me," said the model.

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