Misuse of mosquitoes: scientific discovery would make an important point for 'invisible' people

One of the most unpleasant conditions when you are sleeping is when mosquitoes appear, because they visit people with gestures and stings, which prevent them from being silent.

However, as a result of scientific discovery this situation could come to an end, giving them "invisible people".

As reported through the EurekaAlert! Science news site, it is the search for a group of US molecular biologists to find the mosquitoes of smelling people.

It is for this reason that "selecting" mosquitoes are the victims of their victims, because they have a leading olfactory olVa. Therefore, the researchers said that there were insects which did not have the genre, t people are less attractive to them, in at least 50% of the guest research activity.

Matthew DeGennaro, the leading author of the study and Mosquito Neurobiology researcher at the Florida International University in Miami, said: t Finding oils that are breaking the Ir8a route may be made "invisible" to people to mosquitoes.

It could also create attractive places for insects, moving away from population areas, and also improving the efficiency of the famous mosquito sugar.

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