Now you can stop WhatsApp fighting with a fingerprint or face recognition

Photograph: Clachan,

WhatsApp has more choices to keep your privacy up. The message message now allows you to block your conversations with the bi-tech security system of your choice (and your phone), using fingerprints or face identity. This work is already available, initially on iPhone.

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The intention to install a second measure of protection to the WhatsApp cards is particularly useful for those who do not. telephoning a phone for any purpose, such as making a call, a & # 39; photographing or viewing YouTube videos, but you do not want, even without opening, the person you gave you can read your conversations.

Capture: Eduardo Marin / Gizmodo in Spanish.

To use the restriction system with fingerprinting or face recognition in WhatsApp, it is not necessary to access the settings menu in the app, the "Account" section and there to "Privacy" section. Once you're there, just enter the "Blue screen" option.

In fact, it is also keen to preview the preview of messages from the screenshot, since then you can read and even respond to new messaging.

The feature for now is only available on iPhone but hit Android. [vía The Next Web]

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