Nuts like girls trying to breast cancer

There are more and more studies which provide important features and benefits for the bodies. French nuts, pistachios, almonds, nuts or hazel nuts are all essential meals among others. it should be part of a fair and healthy diet.

The best solution is to make a medium scale (about 25 or 30 grams per day) and raw, ie not to add industrial transformation to the salt. adding to or reducing its nutritional contribution. for he is Usage is associated with the prevention of diseases such as diabetes, influenza, dyslipidemia, bipolar diseases, obesity disease or some brain diseases and dementias such as Alzheimer's..

And it seems that there are also certain cancers. Anyway, as far as away French nuts it mentions a study by Marshall University (USA) has identified that this nut is like a factor that could cause growth in breast cancer t in a mouse.

The results of the research, published in Nutrition Research, show that there is eating 57 grams of nuts a day for about two weeks Change the term genes in provenants already known in women.

"The results of the survey confirm the idea that there are, in people, eating nuts may grow and survive breast canceralthough a major investigation would be required to establish clinically that its consumption is in danger of being reduced to risk of breast or morbidity, "explained W. Elaine Hardman, the chief author of paper and professor at Marshall University.

More evidence about nuts

But beyond this inspiring news, the benefit of sending the nuts to the diet has already been confirmed by research by leading universities such as: t Harvard was decided, in a survey published in & # 39; The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition & # 39;, that a diet containing nuts is a might have a lot of cholesterol, cholesterol 'bad, triglycerides and apolipoprotein B. And all without a problem of our weight or blood pressure.

But there is more other research with researchers from the University of California (USA), published in the journal # 39, giving nuts the ability to reduce the level and frequency of symptoms of depression in adults. And it's because the investigation, having examined more than 26,000 adults from America, was measured in 26% lower than the level of depression of those who would use nuts.

So, using particular nuts or nuts is generally very beneficial, as has also been seen in a recent study, published in The journal of nutrition, health & growth, which is ensuring that. using daily nuts improves up to 60% of my activity. You see that they are all benefits.

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