Ozuna's feelings can see Kylie Jenner a & # 39; Dance one of her songs

This week Kylie Jenner feel all your Latino fans all when you upload video to your social networks where you can see it; move his body to the sound of the subject Ozuna Dance, dance, dance. The company was active; Live broadcast on her Instagram where she appears with friends with friends show their skills to dance to rhythm rhythm. The video came to Ozuna, who was not sorry to have a & # 39; appearing and thanking Kylie.

The singer In the last few weeks he has been involved in a controversy after having a video clip broadcasting when he was 16 years old. However, as soon as he learned that one of the most prominent people of the show is a listen to songs and enjoy them, they did not; He can do less than the tidy renewal of his Instagram official statement.

Thanks @kyliejenner #BailaBailaBaila #nibiru, write the fair interpreter in the publication by which I put the images of Kylie Jenner dance your subject In a few hours he reaches more than 1 million 770,000 reprints but despite the screen for his / her. Sexual video, Ozuna hindered the ideas in his social network publications.

A few days ago, in a concert offered by the singer in Las Vegas He offered an excuse to all his fans to crack his interesting video, and he said as an error of the time.

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