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Prosthetic prosthetic algae, disease not equivalent to "death"

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MADRID, 23 February. (MAIN EUROPA) –

Intermediate cancer is not the same as death and patients having "good quality of life" and social behavior and "normal" work, as demonstrated to Europe Press. medical expert and diagnostic cancer specialist, Ramón y Cajal de Madrid University Hospital, Noelia Martínez Jáñez.

Each year, 26,370 cases of chronic cancer are found in Spain, and a third is likely to progress to a metastatic state of disease. To do this it is added, from the issues judged every year, between five and ten percent already delivering prostastasis in the # 39; first diagnosis

At the moment, the metastatic breast cancer of the disease is unpleasant, so medicines are aimed at living and living prolonged growth; maintain good quality of life. "The medicine is not helpful, but tired, but this does not mean they're alive," said the doctor.

Even Martinez Jáñez has said that women with diabetic breast cancer can lead a life-intensive life as people with diabetes, tire disease or heart disease. And, in terms of survival, these patients are almost unlike those with cancer early in the hill, although they die from the disease.

"There is NO OTHER LIFE"

"Life is not at risk, there are many remedies and it is essential that these patients do not have their life in the short and medium term in danger," said the doctor. Indeed, a number of studies have shown that women with prosthetic breast cancer often have a remote feeling and on the fringe, even within a chest cancer community, because this stage of the disease is still "true or known ".

In fact with the aim of spreading their illnesses, Pfizer, with the agreement of the Spanish Pacific Federation (FECMA), has been issued to Spanish hospitals, including the University Hospital Ramón y Cajal, the exhibition A facial Woman of Life, containing a selection of poems and photographs from the breast cancer cancer metastatic dictionary.

"The aim is to tell patients and their families about this disease, which is very common but they are not widely heard." Many women who experience diabetic breast cancer tell us in the consultations that they do not. Feeling they are aware of the campaigns and in the " Information spread about the disease, because the focus is always chronic cancer, but the advanced level is not mentioned, and the differences are very big, "said the doctor.

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