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Saints vs. Necaxa – Match Report – March 17, 2019

TORREON – Necaxa beat Santos with a last visit and goes to the Liguilla area. The Rays climbed up on a scoreboard with the two Facundo Castro, the Warriors tied him up with Julio Furch, but in all the time Rodrigo Contreras made the victory for the Aguascalientes team.

Santos controlled the ball in the very early stages of the promise, but Necaxa created more risks through kickbacks, which were born at the time when local people were refused permission.

A long passport to Facundo Castro took a tough defense to Torreón, the player took the member to Angel Sepulveda, who drew a picture of Carlos Acevedo, but in the resumption Castro took the chance at a score at 16.

However, heroes could break into the attack after the score, but Hugo Gonzalez stopped the two-time chores. The first phase saw the intervention of the VAR to investigate corrie in the Alexis Peña area of ​​Javier Correa, which was not approved after a review of the Fernando Guerrero whistle.

For the component part the local people came to a more aggressive position, even in the first five minutes they were close to doing it. First Julio Furch did not engage with the ball in front of the front and then Hugo González was sent off to stop Diego Valdés getting a free kick.

The interventions of Gonzalez were broken down by an accident that ended in scoring for the warriors. The keeper tried to come out with the football, but regretted having taken the non-force member, Furch, who had benefited from the first gamekeeper by becoming the first member t shoot shot at 54.

In the last minutes, Santos was the most common person, but Necaxa looked more dangerous to the landowners and in time he got the winner. In a corner in the corner Rodrigo Contreras was accompanied by the ball and a left penalty was given on the Rays.

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