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Salvador del Solar for PCM: what challenges do it have? new prime minister? | Politics

The actor and lawyer Salvador del Solar returning to the Government, after resigning from the Ministry of Defense; Culture for a period of three months after President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK) aspired to President Alberto Fujimori, before. However, this time it will be a guide to & # 39; Ministerial Cabinet, the second of the Scottish government Martín Vizcarra.

For politician analyst Enrique Castillo, Del Solar has a "huge challenge", because it is unlike César Villanueva, who goes out of her & # 39; prime minister, he varies differently.

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"Villanueva was in a hurry behind him [por la renuncia de PPK a la Presidencia], but Vizcarra was not guilty of this and, therefore, the level of enthusiasm and understanding was much higher than the expectations of the people, "he said in communication with El Comercio.

Castillo also stated that the Alliance for Progression agreement had the opportunity to "handle the" start of new administration ". "Salvador del Solar he needs to correct many of the shortcomings at the government, it begins with a very opposing score that is the direction of his / her; mean, "he said.

He thought President Vizcarra will not leave his command in his / her; anti-corruption policy, so that the new prime minister needs to accept the surplus. "The results of the Solar will be sought significantly in four key areas: the conflict is uncertainty, economic revitalization, anemia reduction and everything that constitutes an institutional reconstruction, which is not a bit, "he said.

Rosa Alayza, a Master's degree in Political Science from the New School for Social Research (New York, USA) explained that the next head of the Cabinet has two priorities. The first one is "to be the content of concrete materials", such as reconstruction. "Vizcarra has been criticized because he speaks a lot about changes, but you will not see how the state device moves."

The second key part is "the relationship with the" Transport "and with its" Bank of Peruans by the Kambio.

"The government needs to have political jobs in Congress, so the relationship with the caucus needs to do so […] Support means to & # 39; Creating some of the statements or associations or extensions of an idea of ​​what has been done and not just to do it; debate whether they are a member of a governing body, "he said in a conversation with this newspaper.

Castillo, for his, was saying that Salvador del Solar, when the last campaign was on the presidential antifujimorista open, so he has an additional challenge in his / her; Parliament: bridges built by Fuerza Popular and Cambio 21, which supports the old president Alberto Fujimori, Performing his / her rest of his sentence under the figure of the house.

The factor of contact
Political scientist Arturo Maldonado, a member of the 50 + 1 Group, President Martín Vizcarra "has been helping the communication protocol" Salvador del Solar for appointment as First Minister. "The government can win it, because there is a huge demand for the leader of its chapters and ministers that can be seen, it must be the first shield of the president , "he said.

Maldonado said the main challenge of the actor "to focus on many more practical things that need to be done by security, economy and rebuilding."

He gave for example, that the organizations of Paola Bustamante and Carlos Bruce in the Development and Social Inclusion and Housing, Construction and Satisfaction statements show that President Vizcarra will now a & # 39; highlighting everyday issues "and that it's a" budget "that can be seen quickly. "

Alayza said "communication ability" Salvador del Solar "It's obvious" and said that the new head of Chaibineit is a "celebrity person".

"[Asumir] Not only does the government spokeswoman know how to tell you what you say, but you know what you want and when do I say that I am? means there is a relationship between your thinking and what you are doing; do. And perhaps some sections that are already described as chaviar may not seem to be. That is the usual name that is sent to someone to take it out of the race, "he said.

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