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Salvador del Solar is the new president of the Council of Ministers

Salvador del Solar Labarthe Appointed on Monday as the new President of Ministers' Council, confirming reservoirs News RPP. The lawyer and actor will be replaced by the office César Villanueva Arévalo, resigning on Friday, shortly before he finished a year at the head of Ministry; Chaibineit.

Del Solar Labarthe was Culture Minister from 5 December 2016 to 27 December 2017, when he retired from controversy regarding the welcome of the former President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski to Alberto Fujimori.

Before this, some of the names set for work, including the current Minister for Justice and Human Rights, Vicente Zeballos, or the old chancellor Allan Wagner.

What are the reasons for Villanueva?

After retiring, his inconsistent César Villanueva He refused his position as a result of the government's emergency Martín Vizcarra, but his agreement with the state-state when he was asked to retire in the & # 39; April last year.

"When I agreed to be part of the Cabinet, tell me that I was going to help for a while and I think the time has come in. This time allows a president to jump up the creation of a new Cabinet. "He said at a news conference.

After identifying his progress in administration, Villanueva noted that this post is not in a position; coming out of the Government, but, on the other hand, from his post as a co-ordinator, he continued to work to improve the relationship between Parliament and the Government.

"I'm very calm, very pleased to have finished this stage with the President and all of my decision to continue to & # 39; help to end his message because his president succeeded Vizcarra It's a country I want to be understood as President Vizcarra and I do not have political colors, "he said.

Will come

Del Solar will return to political work after it's going to go to # 39; taking place in the care of Culture, instead of Jorge Nieto Montesinos. In the Peruvian arts it has been main artist cinema, television, theater, but he is also a Law Specialization in International Relations and Determination of Decisions and Resolution.

The current Audit of Ministers' Council Law at the Pontifical University of Peru and at the age of 21 I was already a lawyer working. "The university that I loved, they did not use me," he said to the Cromos de Colombia magazine.

One day he made a decision dedicated to acting and they went into Alberto Isola Workshop From the moment the story is known. He worked in opera opera Fault (1997) and Things of love (1998) before playing in the memorable film Pantaleón and its visitors (1999) by Francisco Lombardi. Then he felt that he was connected to the academic side and Analyzing International Relations, Specializing in Interactive Communication and Debate, Maxane School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University, New York.

After the scholarship he continued to play in Peru and Colombia. In 2014 he took another challenge when he started as a director. Magellan His first film and it was very successful. It was named in the Goya Awards for Best Ibero-American Amateur Film and won the Ibero-American-American Film Festival of Huelva and at the San Sebastian Festival, both in Spain. In 2015 he had a short job in his / her; Netflix Series Narcos like Father Neat.

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