Stone Bridge: A girl died after the police had been running

Petty Bryan Cortez Rojas was forced to escape, but was arrested in annex

He was only one and a half years old, when his first day came to be the last day of his life

He was only a half years old, when his first day in the world became a last day of his life. The little man Marciabel Noteno Vargas who died after the third in the Police chief, Bryan Cortez RojasI would run over there Stone Bridge.

His parents say that the driver escaped, rather than going off; car to help her. The worst of all is that they will affect when they run away for the second time with the little body of the child.

The accident happened on a constructive road to his home Panamericana Norte, in front of the Tres Ruedas club, located at kilometer 26.5. Despite the crisis, parents could use the playful girl to run a carcase; She ran over her daughter, and she was surprised that it was effective police.

In the statement Interior Ministry, the unfaithful conviction of the unofficially commissioned officer in Ancon. For those parents, justice may only be a pain to & # 39; Seeing her little daughter dies in her arm.

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