Streets stunned by breaking a pipe line at the Barranco and Chorrillos border VIDEO For Trade Lima | Events

At 7 o'clock in the morning, a drinking water pipe break was very successful Barranco and Chorrillos. According to Sedapal, the problem came to an end when Edmundo Aguilar and the Milteach Escuela routes were covered. The water is spread through this road to Plaza Lima South Shopping Center.

Germán Ramos, the Southern Services Manager of Sedapal, explained that the machine that affects the age of 30 to 35 years and only provides a villa of the FAP.

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Although the aniego arrives at the Metropolitan roads, the service has not been arrested. Through social networking, the partnership said the buses are still spreading "with emergency in both directions between Terán and Militar Escuela." No car bridge was removed.

Sedapal has taken three hydraulics to detect the circular water so as not to put it into their homes.

As a pre-care, Channel N said some valves were closed. So residents of their home do not have a drinking water service until the problem is resolved.


(Video: Channel N)

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