Sub 20 South American Championships Six-page Desert: Results, Games and 3-Day Timetable of the Competition in Chile | Rest of the world

An Light Cloud there is a debate in Chile that he is attacking heart. The youth teams are struggling to go to; Performing a final six-dimensional and a & n; fighting for a place in the Polish World Championship in the species that will be held in a month; May.

It must be remembered in the last date Venezuela won 2-0 Friday to Brazil and climbed to the tip of the Singing Chief of the Hexagonal Light Cloud, as long as the & # 39; Canarihna in the last place, with doubts about going to # 39; categorized to the sector world.

In other games of the day, the second one of the Hexagonal, Uruguay lost with the lowest account Ecuadorlong as it is Argentina did the same and the same one before Colombia, so Río de la Plata's two neighbors got into the right range, while Colombians and Brazilians were going out now.

Today Light Cloud will be held for his fourth visit in Chile from January 17 and runs until 10 February, 2019. The competition organized by Conmebol will be organized. Provides 4 places for this year's Poland World Cup, which will be played in a month and May. It should be noted that there is no other 2.5-seat debate for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, due to the incorporation of the South American Olympic Competition.

Day results 2 of the Hexagonal

  • Argentina 1-0 Colombia
  • Ecuador 0-1 Uruguay
  • Venezuela 2-0 Brazil

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