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a & # 39; Exchange rate inner The Argentina Close this Friday with the help of a complex wave dollars the division, which caused a sharp drop in weekly revenue, which was reducing inflation and the uncertainty over investment that threatens the country's t highest levels of the year.

Venezuela: call for dollar price today, Friday 12 April, 2019

Dollar: The exchange rate closes the week with a small fall against the decline of the world in the dollar t

Copper promotions supported by advanced data from China and low dollar

Operators said that the attractive platform is attractive by the Central Bank of Argentina Republic (see below) tBCRA) encouraging the slowdown in increasing circumstances, including the confidence that contributes to the downturn and political uncertainty ahead of presidential elections in May 2009. t October.

a & # 39; dollars a wholesaler or banker came to an end with a 1.30% fall to 42.20 Pesos from Argentine each green ticket, a three-week high rate, losing 4.19% in five business days.

At the same time, the dollar fell in an informal 0.48% to 43.50 unit.

"Not only are the poems coming in from the range, but investors and banks also reduce situations and investors (…) until they submit it. And the other asset with a higher pesos yield, before the introduction of an more economical economic environment ", said Fernando Izzo, ABC Mercado's analysis of Cambios.

The rural risk mark prepared by the bank provided JP.Morgan six units, up to 808 points (2005 GMT), after 835 points on Wednesday as the highest from the end of 2018.

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