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The Hyundai Tucson Line N: a fun tasting

Hseveral months ago, Hyundai practitioners had expected that all development that took place across the world could be a bigger difference to the Tucson, under the region of the Nazis, but without such radical provision as in the case of Veloster or i30. Last June the pledge was realized: the Korean crest introduced the new Tucson N Line, a consolidation of the company's sport profile to be printed on its products.

Like Toyota with the 'Gazoo' division which will feature the GRMN – such as the Yaris, with changes to the machine, stopping, breaking and cutting jobs and sport GR – such as Hilux, without any changes in the hard standing but in the orders – Hyundai will do the same as the N and N Line. In the case of the Tucson, it stands out for information as the light lights, the grille and the dark tires, in a grated gray tone with irregular impact. The black and western end is black topped. In addition, the design of the crane was developed, with the introduction of more trapezoidal air and some airborne connections were introduced to the body. Top of seat, double-sided position to the right of crashes.

tucson returned

Gateways within Hyundai's designers made a specific customization, with leather covering dark tones – which get red sounds, the N logo on the selector and a sporting aluminum table. He also has a Krell sound system with 9 speakers and the panoramic panoramic roof is available.

In strategic terms, the Tucson N Line retains the characteristics of the standard market marketed marketplace in the European market: a turbodiesel 2.0 CRDi system related to 48 V Mild-Hybrid system with a result of 184 hp or machine 1.6 T-GDI naphtero of 177 CVs. Conversely, the cross-referencing options are two: a handwritten of 6 marches or self-movement of two double keys and 7 speeds.

inside of tucson

Where it is different from the range of sister, they are making fraud, tighter, and directing, more precise and precisely as a result of the change in the software.

At present, the Tucson N Line will only be commercial in the European market, although the income to other countries, among Argentina, has not been released.

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