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There is no doubt The Last of Us 2 is one of the most popular games that users visit PS4. The long row you expect to attack amazingly Strange Dogs in 2013 there is no date to leave, but there are signs that this may be closer than it is from, since the official website t PlayStation list this title among the games to "quick" to PS4.

According to some users ResetEraand then we will have conducted an inspection at the time of writing this news, The Last of Us 2 appears in the range of games that come to "come soon" on the first page of PlayStation both the shape British as in italian, the German and the French (but this is not in Spanish).

Although this is a normal rule of thumb for console, the most interesting thing is that all of the titles in this section are only The Last of Us 2 need to be confirmed 2019, with a specific date as Control, Stage 2 o Blood & Truthor smaller Concrete Genie which, surprisingly, appear on the list for 27th October The Spanish website. In fact, each title in this section orders an order based on their release day.

Absolutely you need to give everything with salt grain and have it adopted as rumors that there is always a kind of official publication Strange Dogs and PlayStation, though that is likely to be The Last of Us 2 it might be closer than it is, as mentioned by Gustavo Santaolalla herself a few months ago If you haven't yet played, or want to review those days, it's our one Analysis of the Last of Us Remastered.

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