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The pillage that is a really real Madrid Real Madrid version

18 February, 2019
(12:40 CET)

Many say about the badness that Real Madrid gave him Girona. Above all, losing. Unfortunately, the ultimate expectation of the game is running after the successful running of the games. Marcelo, The Bale, The Solari, The Odriozola… many of them are marked as the misstep before the Catalanans came.

However, it's the name that really adds Florentine Perez and this white guy is Isco Alarcón. And that is that a new raid has left its middle; the park Madrid in a richer position.

That's something, unfortunately for Real Madrid, the first one, and this is not the last one. And it seems that the Spaniards decided not to go Bernabéu to support themselves.

Isco Alarcón EFE

The food is getting worse

What has already happened more than once and this does not seem to have been seen, which will not happen again. And the relationship between the Andalusian and the team is more likely to be a point that many believe that Isco is a " laughter in the face Florentine and from Solari.

Truth pictures to hang on their dog's social networks while & # 39; Their team has to live in the & # 39; case Champions it's just a small or complex player-sized sample of the mid-player. Indeed, from inside there is someone who does not hide their wounds.

A wound that prevented him from playing the last three games and that some people Think of a perfect excuse for breaking & The idea that he did not do anything else was opposed to the opposition (and no one stands up) and that Florentine I already think about where I can get it.

The problem is that this flame is not inside and outside the cleaning room that is & # 39; value its price only to amazing numbers. And that's a lot of damage, and indeed, Florentine, which is becoming increasingly clear, although it is a hurt, your choice will only be practically donated Isco.

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