The wholesale chain Economax owned 29 million coins and opened in the city Photograph 1 of 3

The chain of high-tech economists with the Supermercados Peruanos group opened their fifth national store in Arequipa yesterday. The company's investment was around 29 million medals, which also delivered 90 formal jobs for Arequipa.

The center operates under the 'cash and shipping' scheme, similar to supermarkets, but focused on the needs of small businesses and the tourism and knowledge sectors, with wholesale and low prices.

The independent consumer can also join the tender and make up an important part of the public.

Economy manager Economax, Jonathan Farfán said the option to locate the site in the north of the city is emerging in an expansion in that urban sector also seen in a significant commercial increase.

“We want to cover these needs and here we are offering goods at low prices. That's probably not like a store or supermarket because we're providing a great amount, ”he said.

LOCAL The new business is located at the Metropolitan Avenue and Rimac Street crossing and lasts for four months.

To attend hundreds of customers, the shop has a large car park capable of carrying 200 vehicles, including lorries and movements to move movements.

On the day of opening The Economax takes a name on hundreds of people who have come to take turns.

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